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Melissa Eubanks


"As a director, my favorite part is seeing the teachers as excited as the students when introducing new ideas and materials for learning. It is simply amazing to see the energy and enthusiasm they have. The children can tell, and they reciprocate that enthusiasm! This in itself creates a great environment for learning!”

Darwin Eubanks

Co-Owner/Chief Financial Officer

"I love seeing the initial excitement on a child’s face when he or she accomplishes something they previously had a little difficulty in, such as writing their name, and then shouting, "I did it! I did it!” When a child believes in themselves there are no goals beyond their reach.”

Sara Howard

Office Manager

Sonia Sisler

Infant Class

Salma Parvez

Infant Class

Morgan Talley

Toddler Class

Lisa Smith

Toddler Class

Laura Elkins

K2/K3 Class

Paige Henerey

K2/K3 Class

Maria Hairston

K4/K5 Class

Patricia Lane

K4/K5 Class

Tonia Christopher

Assistant Teacher

Madalyn Jira

Director of Education

Serife Yucesan

German Instructor

Deborah Edwards

Food & Nutrition

Richard Morris

Certified Music Teacher


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